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Spectacle UNITED STATES OF AFRICA BALL part III à Paris @ La Gaîté Lyrique - Billets & Places




La Gaîté Lyrique3 bis rue Papin 75003 Paris Ventes terminéesLegendary Father Vinii Revlon & Charly King. Father Ebony presents: UNITED STATES OF AFRICA BALL PART 3

The Ball Of The Year 2017 & 2018 is back again in Paris, France for a 3rd edition.


OTA Lip Synch Performance
Alicia Keys “was never the same” after she was exposed to people dying of AIDS in Africa. The 'Girl on Fire' singer is co-founder of the Keep a Child Alive project which seeks to help children and their families who are infected with or affected by HIV. Get your 10s with a production of your favourite song by her.

For the battles, you MUST know these 4 songs by memory:
Girl on Fire
If ain't got you
No one

FACE (4 trophies: BQ, FQ, Drag, Women)
African Swine Fever is spreading across Europe! The French Army needs reinforcement and new soldiers to fight this epidemic.

Bring it with a cold stone attitude and fashionable army look ready to pass the recruitment session.

RUNWAY (3 trophies: Beginners*, Tag Team European, Tag Team All American)
In the African savannah, Zebras can be easily recognized with their black and white bands that characterise their coat.

Bring it in a fashionable zebra look ready to serve the catwalk!

*Beginners is for those who have been walking for less than a year in the main scene.

FF Realness (3 trophies: Drag Realness, FQ Realness, FF Schoolgirl Realness)
Bring it like West African Mama complete with a FAB headwrap.

Male Figure Realness:
Nelson Mandela fought against the political domination of the white minority and its racial segregation in South Africa. He was arrested by the police, sentenced to prison with forced labour for life. From then on, he became a symbol of the struggle for racial equality. After twenty-seven years in jail, he was released in February 1990.

Pay homage to an African hero by bringing with you the famous Madiba shirt and one of his many famous quotes.

The quote must be spoken or written to get your 10s.

Realness as a couple (1MF/1FF):
Amadou & Mariam a musical duo from Mali, also known as 'the blind couple from Mali' are famous for the saying; “Le dimanche à Bamako c'est le jour de mariage” (Sunday in Bamako is the day for marriage)

In a matching outfit, bring it in a traditional wedding look from any African country. Do your research.

FASHION (4 trophies)
Designer Delight
Back to work and daily activities in the village of Monogaga. You are the most rated designer in the Ivory Coast, it's time to present your next gorgeous creation made in African textile (Kanga or Kitenge) for the fashionistas of Abidjan.

You represent the famous Congolese Sapeurs. Be trendy, fashionable, extravagant and give us colour!

Best Dressed (1FF/1MF)
It's Africa Fashion WeeK ladies & gentleman ! Introduce yourself by serving an african fashion look

SEXSIREN/BODY (6 trophies)
27 years ago, Michael Jackson dropped timeless record 'Remember The Time'. The song was dedicated with love to Diana Ross. He wanted to make a movie which showcased the greatness of Black Africans in Ancient Egypt, but the idea was dismissed so he made a, now iconic, 9 minute music video.

Be inspired by the many amazing outfits seen in the music video. Be creative !

Male Figure Models/Muscular Body

Male Figure Sex siren

Female Figure Models/Luscious Body

Female Figure Sex siren

PERFORMANCE (10 trophies)
Pick the colours of the African flag you want to represent or include that flag in your outfit and bring it! Be creative.

Baby Vogue (Walking less than one year)
Tag Team Old Way (Matching effect)
Tag Team New Way (Matching effect)
BQ Vogue Fem
Hands Performance
Arms Control
Realness with a Twist*

*You must walk a Realness category that night in order to walk RWT

Tag Team Women Performance
You've just awoken from a 3000-year-nap. Fresh from your sarcophagus, you will embody a sexy cunty and futuristic Mummy.

Drag Performance
Ndoki, Aje, Mchawi, Maciya, Bayifoɔ all translate to one word…WITCH! Africa has deep, and often troubling, history with witches. Tonight, bring it as a witch and use your powers to win this category.

FQ Performance
It's your day to escape the deep waters of the ocean to frolic with the people who walk on the land. Bring it like the Mermaid queen of the sea; Mami Wata.
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du mardi au samedi, de 14h à 19h